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The main therapeutic factor is represented by deep sulphurous waters with a low degree of radioactivity and a wide chemical composition. Additionally, add Mediterranean climate and negative air ionization with multiple beneficial effects on the body: restoring respiratory and circulatory parameters, increasing the body's resistance to stress, and restoring biological comfort.

In Băile Herculane, besides the well known external cure one may benefit from internal treatment too, such as Diana Fountain III, which helps in digestive disorders.

Argus water fountain treats some early eye problems. This spring has been examined 1860 and was conducted by the Academy of Medicine in France, under the supervision of MD JM Cailla.

Negative ionization – researches have established that Baile Herculane has the highest negative ionization in the country and one of the highest in the world, a decisive factor for cures in the resort.

Having over 2000 negative ions per cc, at the height of 168 m, or rather, to breathe this low altitude air corresponding to a height of 2000-3000 m, is really more than a gift that nature offers to man, his health, here in Băile Herculane.

Mild climate curing therapy – is another factor in the resort's spa treatment. Along the Cerna Valley corridor, sheltered from strong winds and snow ridges, God created an enclave of southern influence climate.

Breathing negative ions while hiking trails around the resort or jogging has a significant effect to bioenergize human body with remarkable results in treating stress.

All these factors along with scenic and diverse landscape give Baile Herculane the privilege of an ideal place for spa treatment, relaxation and recreation.

The treatment and recovery facility offers electrotherapy, physiotherapy, laser therapy, four cells galvanic baths, sulphurous aerosols, sulphurous bath trays for one or two persons, massage, a gym and indoor swimming pool, and is being served by qualified personnel – balneologist MD, senior balneologist assistant, masseur.

The main diseases that can benefit from these treatments are:

  • Diseases of the nervous system:
    – peripheral neurological diseases (paralysis and post-traumatic limb paralysis, polyneuritis, disabling phase, syndrome "ponytail", late sequelae after poliomyelitis;
    – central neurological functional (asthenic neurosis);
    – faulty posture in children and youth (head tilted forward, shoulder blades apart, rounded back, rounded back, shoulders brought basin tilted forward, protruding abdomen, flattening the arch planting);
  • Musculoskeletal diseases:
    – inflammatory rheumatism (arthralgia after rheumatic fever, secondary infectious rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis , inflammatory activity classical forms, ankylosing spondylitis,etc.);
    – degenerative rheumatism (lower limb osteoarthritis and sacroiliac belt, arthrosis the hands and scapular-humeral belt);
    – degenerative diseases of the spine (cervical and cervical intervertebral- syndromes, spondylosis and intervertebral dorsal, lumbar spondylosis and intervertebral);
    – articular inflammatory or degenerative rheumatic diseases (leg joint pains, sufferings upper limb joints, joint pains in the spine);
    – post-traumatic disorders.
  • Possibility of treating digestive diseases with springs (crenotherapy):
    – gastric diseases: chronic gastritis and chronic gastric and duodenal ulcers.
    – liver (hepatitis post) and bile (lithiasis, hypotonia of the gallbladder).
  • Possibility of treating eye diseases:
    – blepharitis;
    – conjunctivitis.
  • Metabolism and nutrition disorders:
    – mild diabetes;
    – gouty arthritis.